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My name is Peter. I'm a North Shore local whose family cabin at Keats Island and moorage in Sewells Marina have been bringing me to Horseshoe Bay since I was a kid. I've lived (hiked, boated, skied, golfed and dog-walked) in this great neighbourhood for years. My first home with my wife was right here in Horseshoe Bay. My two boys were even born here. I am now returning with the hopes of creating a unique home collection - one of which I will call my own. If you support this project, please fill out the form below.

Some homes follow trends.
These ones will set them.

Our vision for Tantalus Gardens is a "pocket community" - a tight-knit residential area connected by pathways and garden spaces. We are planning for 8 duplexes (approximately 2,200 square feet in size) with three-bedroom layouts, beautiful outdoor spaces and underground parking, as well as 6 well-planned 'lagom homes'. What does 'lagom' mean? “Lagom” is a Swedish word that means "just right". What's more, we are planning to incorporate heritage details from St. Monica's Church into each home, bringing a touch of artistry into living spaces while preserving artifacts that are important to the community.

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Honouring St. Monica's
starts by treasuring its legacy.

After decades of financial hardship, St. Monica's Church went searching for a buyer within its own congregation, to no avail. St. Monica's held its final worship in 2013. Seeing as though we already owned the single-family home and vacant lot adjacent to the church and believing I could craft something special within these lands, I approached them as a potential buyer. Nearly two years later we finally owned the church. Once I familiarized myself more with the church building itself and appreciating the character of the sanctuary, I made a promise to myself: to retain, re-use and upcycle some of the building's most treasured pieces in any future homes we build on the site.

This is West Vancouver's
most charming seaside community.

People have long adored this tucked-away neighbourhood in West Vancouver for good reason. The sea air invigorates. The schools are top rated, the village is quaint. You're walking distance to the ferries, secluded coves, golf courses and wooded trails. There is still immediate access to the growing Metro Vancouver region and the Sea To Sky Highway on your way to Whistler. In a word, life here is ideal. There's no other place I'd like to call home.

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I see tremendous value in creating smaller-footprint homes that still offer homeowners all the benefits of life in and around Horseshoe Bay. That's why I'm so passionate about Tantalus Gardens. This small-scale community would showcase great design, creative resourcefulness and an honest respect for this neighbourhood and what stood here before. Your support and ideas are important to me. Please fill out the form below to show your support for Tantalus Gardens.

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