Some homes follow trends. Tantalus Gardens will set them.

Our vision for Tantalus Gardens is a “pocket community” – a tight-knit, ten-home residential development, connected by beautiful garden spaces. The ten ‘lagom’ homes of approximately 1,700sf will provide at grade living, with three-to-four-bedroom layouts.

It is about having the at grade, outdoor living experience of a right-sized, traditional single-family home, while providing the comfort of property maintenance, secure parking and the community of a ten-home strata.

Project Rationale


In early 2017, the District of West Vancouver began a collaborative review of its 2004 Official Community Plan (OCP). Over the course of 2017 and 2018, through a four-phase public engagement process, staff worked with the community to develop a plan for the future of West Vancouver. The new Official Community Plan was adopted by Council on June 25, 2018.

Since the Official Community Plan was adopted, numerous working & advisory groups were assembled, studies were performed, reports were written, policies were adopted, and Council Strategic Plans were updated. Through the years, the pressure for alternative housing solutions in line with climate action initiatives and community needs have mounted—exacerbating the “missing-middle” housing deficit and population decline.


The proposed development provides the District of West Vancouver with a showcase for a new housing solution. It offers to:

  • Increase the availability of family-friendly housing options for new young families who want to lay down roots in our community and for those who simply want to remain in our community.
  • Increase opportunities for at-grade living in right-sized housing.
  • Increase neighbourhood vibrancy, liveability and inclusivity – while enriching the local economy.
  • Increase housing opportunities close to schools, amenities, and transit.
Credit: DWV Housing Needs Report

Council's 2020-2021 Strategic Plan


In March 2020, Council announced: Our goal is to make West Vancouver a complete community; and one that is liveable, vibrant and inclusive. To accomplish this, we need to attract and inspire a full spectrum of people to live, play and work here. A vibrant economy, diverse housing choices and exciting amenities consistent with the Official Community Plan are also part of Council’s vision.


West Vancouver has the highest average housing costs in the region for both homeowners and renters. This is amplified by the limited diversity of housing and too many vacant homes in our community. Although housing affordability is driven by a number of factors, including market economics and demand, Council can take action to enable the development of desired forms of housing to increase housing options in our community.

Strategic Goal: Significantly expand the diversity and supply of housing, including housing that is more affordable.


1.1 Ensure that 250* housing units are approved per year over the next 5 years, of which approximately 50, are rental units and include accessible housing units.

1.2 Specify targets and provide incentives for ‘missing middle’ housing types such as mixed-use housing, infill housing, duplexes, coach houses and townhouses.

Credit: DWV Council Strategic Plan

Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan sets out the high-level decision-making framework for the future. It is a collection of statements, objectives and policies that guide planning and land use changes. Tantalus Gardens aligns with the Official Community Plan objectives as it responds to the most urgent housing deficits in the community. It does so by providing…

  • More diverse, smaller infill housing.
  • At-grade, accessible options, that support downsizing and promote neighbourhood inclusivity.
  • A family-friendly solution that is close to schools, amenities and transit.
  • Housing that attracts permanent occupancy and contributes to neighbourhood vitality.
  • Environmental improvements over existing aged infrastructure.

Local Area Plan

The intent of the Local Area Plan is to guide positive change and strengthen the identity, liveability and success of the village and neighbourhood. Horseshoe Bay has a unique character that is valued by those who live, work and play there, and is one of the most recognizable and known places in West Vancouver. Tantalus Gardens will contribute to and strengthen the character of Horseshoe Bay as an infill housing solution through purposeful urban design and enhanced public realm investment as it:

  • Respects the roots and heritage by paying design respect to the 100-year-old cottages of the day.
  • Maintains neighbourliness through sensitive transition to the adjacent single-family home neighbourhood.
  • Creates opportunity for housing that “fills the gaps” for different life stages.
  • Provides communal outdoor garden spaces for neighbours to gather and socialize.
  • Enhances the public realm with new sidewalks and lush public landscaping.
  • “Keeps it kooky not cookie cutter” by being the only truly blended housing proposal of infill homes with varied form, colour and texture.

Credit: DWV LAP

Site Location and Marine Drive Transit Corridor

Architectural Design


  • Ample outdoor space with parkette at the corner of Nelson and Rosebery Avenue to create a sense of community at-grade,
  • On-site electric vehicle charging will be available to residents in garage spaces, along with bicycle and scooter storage.
  • Exterior green space is rich with lush landscaping and benches,
  • Stone screening walls and landscaping between units maximize individual private space.


  • Steep pitched main roofs with varying secondary shed and gable roofs mimic the original Horseshoe Bay cottages respecting existing neighbourhood form and character,
  • Second floors “buried” into roof slopes with large overhangs reduce the appearance of height,
  • Varying and alternating unit sizes, shapes and elevations make each home unique,
  • Extensive use of glazing, corner windows and skylights maximize natural light,
  • Multiple exterior cladding finishes like; siding, shakes and stone provide texture and architectural appeal.


  • 1,700 sf above grade floor plans with three -to four-bedroom layouts provide options for a varied demographic,
  • 9 ft main floor ceilings and vaulted upper floor ceilings bring volume to well-designed floor plans,
  • Provision for stair lifts in all units to provide options for those with mobility challenges.

Typical Plan

Main: 852.5 SF
Upper: 925 SF
Total: 1,775 SF

Landscape Design

“The landscape design strategy for Tantalus Gardens is to create a lush natural garden environment for residents and visitors.

The public realm will have a slightly more ornamental character, taking cues from the surrounding community and will be completed with a new public sidewalk, street trees and off-site parking. The rear yard responds directly to the next door neighbours. Additionally, an existing magnolia tree (circa 1986) will be transplanted in the parkette at the corner of Nelson Avenue and Rosebery Avenue. These strategies comply with the OCP to minimize or mitigate environmental impact through proactive land use design, construction and restoration. Particular attention will be paid along the rear property line to address screening between the project and adjacent homes.

Open and gathering spaces have been provided for residents that offer connectivity to the neighbourhood. These spaces include unique character and respond to solar orientation and shading. Covered and heated outdoor patios accessed through the folding glass panel wall maximizes overall indoor/outdoor living space. Stone-faced walls, stone pavers, wrought iron fences & gates and a playful colour palette, round out and add warmth to the overall design.

Sustainability is further addressed through the use of native and drought tolerant plants and through the integration of storm water management strategies including a rain garden to detain storm flows.”

Adaptability, Liveability, Accesibility and Environmental Responsibility


  • Community mailbox to promote social interaction and connectedness.
  • At-grade homes with a variety of layouts and sizes provide options for a mixed demographic.
  • A short walk to the scenic Seaview Walk with impressive views of Fisherman’s Cove and the Burrard Inlet.
  • Urban agriculture planters in central gathering area to reduce “distance to plate” through locally grown food production.
  • Ground-oriented entrances and outdoor gathering areas encourage social interaction..
  • Good walkability to the Village, Gleneagles Elementary School, Gleneagles Community Centre and public transportation.
  • Strata maintenance representatives take care of exterior home care and yard maintenance, leaving time for other activities.


  • Levered hardware on all doors.
  • Flush thresholds between rooms and onto front patios.
  • Optional raised electrical outlets and lowered light switches.
  • Five-foot turning radius in main entrance for ease of manoeuvrability.
  • Full washroom on main level in all homes with provision for support bars.
  • Provision for stair lifts in all units to provide options for those with mobility challenges.


  • EV charging capability for vehicles and bikes to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Compliance with Step 4 of the BC Energy Code.
  • Bike and scooter storage within private garage.
  • Reclaim and reuse of existing site materials.
  • Harvest rainwater with collection barrels to support native, drought-resistant plantings.

Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver’s Most Charming Seaside Community

People have long adored this tucked-away neighbourhood in West Vancouver for good reason. The sea air invigorates. The schools are top rated. The Village is quaint. Walking is within reach of ferries, secluded coves, golf courses and wooded trails. There is expedient access to the Metro Vancouver region and the Sea-To-Sky Highway for escapes to Whistler and beyond. In a word, life here is ideal.